208-674 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 208-674-5425
  • 208-674-5426
  • 208-674-5427
  • 208-674-5428
  • 208-674-5429
  • 208-674-5430
  • 208-674-5431
  • 208-674-5432
  • 208-674-5433
  • 208-674-5434
  • 208-674-5435
  • 208-674-5436
  • 208-674-5437
  • 208-674-5438
  • 208-674-5439
  • 208-674-5440
  • 208-674-5441
  • 208-674-5442
  • 208-674-5443
  • 208-674-5444
  • 208-674-5445
  • 208-674-5446
  • 208-674-5447
  • 208-674-5448
  • 208-674-5449
  • 208-674-5450
  • 208-674-5451
  • 208-674-5452
  • 208-674-5453
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  • 208-674-5455

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    1. Ahmed says:

      p.s. i reported them on the donotcall.gov website.

    2. Bryant says:

      Investigator Biggers from Century Claims Investigative Services called for one of our employees claiming that her Social Security number had come up as a possible claim.  He stated that I should know with all the identity theft going around that this is nothing to mess with.  Wants me to get the message to her.

    3. Rod says:

      This is Portfolio Recovery.  They try to collect on past statute of limitations debt.

    4. Jorge says:

      Texas Right-to-Life group.....who campaign for those against abortions

    5. Edgardo says:

      I've gotten four calls from these people. The first time I told them not to call they said that they would take me off of their list. The next time I started to tell them not to call they hung up on me.

    6. Amado says:

      Matt Ward also called me from this number, broken contract with Bally Total Fitness from 5 years ago. Claimed at first that he was the IRS, then told me I could be sued. When I asked him his company and if it was a collection agency he said "our collections agency is upstairs" I hung up, he called me back immediatly and said "hanging up won't make us not sue you" HAH sure

    7. Rick says:

      Just received a call from this number on my cell phone, tried to answer but had a bad connection so they hung up.  I tried to call them back and all I get is a busy signal.  I have requested several times for them to stop calling me and they just don't give up.  Damn telephone scams, I am sick of them

    8. Conrad says:

      Qwit wasting our paper and my time

    9. Percy says:

      Male call phones and wants to speak to the owner.  When I try to get details, he gets rude and hangs up.  Today, he said he knew the owner, and when I started to say if he knew him, he would know he is out of town till May, he hangs up.

    10. Franklin says:

      Heather from Credit Card services. SPAM

    11. Gregorio says:

      201-301-5636 out of San Antonio,TX called and then hung up. So I called the number back and was placed on hold, and then the music stopped and the line went quite and then they hung up again. So I called back and it went to a voicemail and I left a message..... I hope they get it and choke on it..

    12. Doug says:

      Kept asking me if I was youngest female in my household. said they were doing a political survey. After 3rd time asking if I was youngest she asked me to hold the line- hung up. na2p4

    13. Robbie says:

      I got 2 texts from this number telling me I had an issue with my credit union account. I didn't call the number back but I sent a text back telling them the issue was I didn't HAVE a credit union account...and then called them a hineyhole but not exactly in those words ;-)

    14. Alexis says:

      3 calls yesterday, started again early this morning. they didn't hang up before my phone started recording (I rejected the call, so shorter time period) and I could faintly hear a man talking in an instructive tone to others who were asking questions. highly suspicious so I'm blocking it for good.

    15. Steven says:

      Got a call from this number on my answering machine and they said I'd won a prize in a contest I entered (which I didn't enter!) said to call 1-866-430-3177.