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    1. Kareem says:

      Message left on my answering machine with a female saying, "Hello, Hello, Hello" and hung up from 210-239-9087. There was no name on the caller ID other than the letter I. Annoying.

    2. Rudolph says:

      This number keeps calling all hours of the night

    3. Antony says:

      Just had the same call. Same story. Is there anything that can be done?

    4. Frederic says:

      Some sort of health care spam

    5. Fredric says:

      Typical call center full of convicted felons

    6. Keith says:

      called when u thought iwas tripping only...

    7. Kenneth says:

      2 calls in 2 hours, Really Really irritated! Am on do not call registry! They call again , I WILL REPORT THEM!!! Do not answer unknown calls here! Disabled, cannot get any rest! They are affecting my health!

    8. Rashad says:

      I met her and she's awesome! Whats all this hype about? Sounds like a crazy ex boyfriend posting about her just jealous because shes looking for a new place to stay. Sounds like this guy posting about her needs to get a lyfe... poor girl he probably stalks her from the sounds of it. She should report him.

    9. Cary says:

      we get maybe 5 calls a day from this number so i decided to answer...i said please stop and they hung up....i called them back and they say they will remove number from the system....i certainly hope they do.

    10. Rodger says:

      i have got a call from this number. but the caller didnt speak.

    11. Sal says:

      Is this number still active?

    12. Irwin says:

      Automated system called. I answered no response. I hung up and back and automated system said i was in a sweepstake.

    13. Casey says:

      Got a text saying a credit union account account had been deactivated. Do not have such an account

    14. Damon says:

      just received a text message from this #,I think it's a scam or a computer attack, beware,I  just deleted it from my cell phone messages, if Walmart is giving away 1000 dollar gift cards I believe they would notify you at the store.

    15. Frank says:

      A man called from this number and was very unpleasant when I told him the boss was not in.  He claimed he would smear our good name on the internet.  So I checked the number and people are saying he is a rude scammer.  I called him back and told him he was a scammer  (he got extremely mean at this point) so I told him that I have placed a curse on his private parts.  It would shrink an inch a week.  So if this man from this number calls you ask him if how his love life is.  hehehe