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    1. Jere says:

      Beware!! Thanks to this site I did not fall fall for a scam!  I received the following message regarding an ad I posted on Craigslist from "Jane Lorrell" janeloveX3@gmail.com:

    2. Dalton says:

      Running a big scam.. Very big scam.. Loan guyys,, before of this guys

    3. Mason says:

      Telemarketing for bad tax debt

    4. Issac says:

      Received some calls from this number. they do NOT leave any messages if the answer machine picks up. If I answer the phone manually, they hang up immediately.

    5. Ward says:

      This call was from CLB INS.

    6. Richard says:

      Call came at 10:15 pm and they hung up when I answered.

    7. Arnulfo says:

      I received calls everyday from this number but when you pick it up no one answers.It's very annoying.

    8. Bryon says:

      This spammer hails from Brazil. IP:

    9. Ike says:

      I got that same message from the same person a few months ago but the phone number was a different. That one that came up as being from Chicago.

    10. Loren says:

      Flagstar Bank Fsb 5151 Corporate DrTroy, MI 48098 (248) 312-2000 (800) 945-7700

    11. Broderick says:

      She likes the devil block her

    12. Frederic says:

      206-203-7316 dalled my work number twice this morning (2/2/2012).  Line was dead the first time I answered.  Heard background crowd noise and a hangup the second time.  Called the number back, got the message (cheery female voice):  "We're sorry, you have reached a number that is unassigned on our IP website...." and something about it taking up to 60 minutes to reach them through their website or something.

    13. Antone says:

      I can't believe that AT&T would do this to us!  I've received calls from this number but wasn't able to answer the phone.  When AT&T calls, you can clearly see "AT&T" and the number 800-288-2020 which is their number.  It will NOT show up at simply ATT.  Last night after 8pm, I picked up and there was an actual live person on the other end.  She asked for me by name.  Then she started her speech..."I'd like to tell you about AT&T and ask how I can make your phone service better"....or something close to that.  I was very quick to tell her that I was in fact an AT&T employee and didn't need any help at all with my home phone service and please do NOT call this number again...EVER!  And I hung up.  We'll see if that works or not!!  lol

    14. Julian says:

      Just call back and hit #1, it'll remove your phone number from the caller's list.

    15. Jim says:

      The BCI has also been Harassing me on my cell, at work and one of my friends numbers.