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    1. Delmer says:

      Just received a picture message of a very cute hispanic chick. The number does not come up in my phone, nor do I recognize this girl. I'm assuming spam.

    2. Lon says:

      # 989-863-5221 I just received a text msg from this #. The person using this # is asking me to visit a site named prcar.co/136yt. Do not attempt to visit this site. This will infect you PC unless it is a Mac. If you use a Mac, nothing will be displayed.

    3. Morris says:

      Just got a call to, thought nothing if it since I an expecting a package. Confirmed except they had my house numbers mixed up, thought it was weird so I called back but no response. My credits already not that great, I don't need some piece of crap making it worse. Smh...

    4. Rodrigo says:

      security system sales call

    5. Lance says:

      Bayside Heating and Cooling. They want to give my A/C a tune up. Haven't talked to them since I hired them via Groupon. But they keep calling and usually don't leave a message.

    6. Mason says:

      This fool(s) who have this number should get calls from everyone on the planet to put there system on over load!

    7. Erick says:

      I received a call telling me I had won a prize for a contest I entered last year. I suspect this is a scam call; I'm not in the habit of entering contests.

    8. Sergio says:

      I answered after two rings, but apparently that was too late. After a pause, there was a click and they had hung up. They also called at least a couple of times before and did not leave a message on the machine. They're weasels.

    9. Berry says:

      They called and were very rude and hung up on me

    10. Willard says:

      It was a servey for kool smiles dental

    11. Ira says:

      They called me 7 times the first day, 5 times the second day and either 1 or 2 times a day for the last week and a half. I don't answer and they don't leave a message. Going to report to BBB. Soooo annoying!!!!

    12. Brain says:

      For what its worth, there IS NO 118 area code.

    13. Andres says:

      just got a call from this number,no response from the callers end??

    14. Clint says:

      Also offering an "at home job" from Seattle.

    15. Rod says:

      Called me only once trying to get me to subscribe to the Mississippi Press Newspaper.