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    1. Esteban says:

      Got a called todsy 9-19-2013 asked my name immefiately said my diabetic supplies on the.way....i shouted im not a diabetic....asked who is and i said who are you and she hung ip

    2. Maria says:

      I have been constantly getting calls from this number as well,i just dont answer.

    3. Denis says:

      I get tese pone calls all the time. When you return the call you get a fake message saing that this # is no longer in service. How do we turn them into the FCC...?

    4. Kirk says:

      Recieved a phone call, caller hung up immediately.

    5. Houston says:

      I've been getting calls from this number don't know anyone there so I don't answer it okay now I see what it says

    6. Matthew says:

      I just got it too... it was a lady saying same thing as Amber. Illegal advertisement... I am credit card debt free...so, no need to get these calls.

    7. Cletus says:

      This number has called me once the past 4 days now. I didn't answer and they never leave a message. I have a 305 area code, but no longer live in Miami so I didn't pick up.

    8. Milo says:

      Yep same here...glad I seen this thread so I can quit worrying about my card...people will try anything to get free money, wish they would just get a damn job

    9. Danial says:

      I get at least three calls a day from companies actually claiming to be Google. It's annoying. By this point I don't know how I would know if the real Google did call me.

    10. Claud says:

      Calls every day, never a word just abuse and harrassment.

    11. Carroll says:

      I was called at 21:37 17-08-'09.

    12. Dallas says:

      Upgraded my cell phone and have received 2 calls from this number. Funny I wasn't getting calls from them before. I don't care who they are, if I don't recognize the number I am not answering. How do I get them to leave me alone?

    13. Jayson says:

      They are calling from St Pete, FL, but never leave a message. They must be stupid, because if they would at least leave a message, they might get a response. Of course, if they're your typical scam artist, they don't care anyway. Since I don't answer calls from numbers I don't know I guess they will never get the opportunity to speak with me. Their loss, not mine.

    14. Rob says:

      Yep, I got the same thing from Joey but at a 218 number with same email address. Sucks for him that I might have fallen for it if I were not scammed a week ago about a camera I was selling from the Nigeria scam.

    15. Grover says:

      Said something about a free ipad.. Obviously spam