205-628 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 205-628-0279
  • 205-628-0280
  • 205-628-0281
  • 205-628-0282
  • 205-628-0283
  • 205-628-0284
  • 205-628-0285
  • 205-628-0286
  • 205-628-0287
  • 205-628-0288
  • 205-628-0289
  • 205-628-0290
  • 205-628-0291
  • 205-628-0292
  • 205-628-0293
  • 205-628-0294
  • 205-628-0295
  • 205-628-0296
  • 205-628-0297
  • 205-628-0298
  • 205-628-0299
  • 205-628-0300
  • 205-628-0301
  • 205-628-0302
  • 205-628-0303
  • 205-628-0304
  • 205-628-0305
  • 205-628-0306
  • 205-628-0307
  • 205-628-0308
  • 205-628-0309

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    1. Rory says:

      Spanish speaking telemarketers

    2. Colin says:

      Got the call but nothing on the line. Called back NOTHING

    3. Paris says:

      Got the first call from this number a day or so back. It was a recorded message, but the volume was so low that I couldn't make out what it was saying. I've received two more calls from it today. The first time they hung up as soon as I answered, and the second time, after two rings. Other than the fact that it's a New Jersey number, this page is the only info I've found on it.

    4. Johnie says:

      Just received a call, as it was an unknown number i let the machine pick it up.  A message was left by a man who could hardly speak English telling me my husbands SS# had been blacklist and there was a pending lawsuit.  I called the number back multiple time to see how the phone would be answered.  The first time it was busy as it was the second and third time, when i tried again it rang and rang and went dead.  Like some of the above comments i googled blacklisted ss# and found this page.  I would list the company name but i could hardly understand the man and am not totally sure of what he said, probably why they use people who do not speak english, to confuse US the CONSUMERS.  When i tried a business search using the phone number i found nothing.  Makes me sick how some people will scam hard working people for their money, true low lives!

    5. David says:

      Called I didn't anwser it left no message then no more. Then 1 min later called back I anwsered it sounded like a recorded message that was all Spanish I hung up it immediately called back I again anwsered and they hung up on me

    6. Jamison says:

      i just got a call from this number and it came up on the calling id as sowv i dont know who that is so i didnt answer. so please write back

    7. Blair says:

      This has been looked up before.

    8. Hilton says:

      Yes, we just had a dish washer delivered from Home Depot yesterday. I got a call from this # yesterday and again today.  No message.

    9. Garfield says:

      I used to work for the Maritz in Long Beach and there were plenty of people upset by the calls but the do not call list does not apply to Maritz since the companies that hire them like Bank of America and American Express give them a list of their customers names and numbers to call for the opinion surveys.  Hours for calling were usually between 7am-10pm.

    10. Tyron says:

      keep calling an not saying nothing

    11. Laurence says:

      Vulgar nasty talk by texting

    12. Anderson says:

      The language is Vietnemese.  Its is a credit repair company. Ive also asked then several times to remove me from their list and while they promise to do so they never do. Report then on the do not call registry form.

    13. Hai says:

      Asian accent wanting to know how much debt I was in, I wanted to know where he got my telephone number from and asked him to remove from their system

    14. Delmer says:

      They reyna trick ppl lol they bogus

    15. Gilberto says:

      They say they are Loss Mitigation and doing loan modifications. They asked me how long I had been trying to get a modification from my bank.  Cold calling several times per week