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    1. Bert says:

      She is a vindictive person

    2. Jacques says:

      Who is this? They call 4 times a day damn

    3. Chi says:

      Similar to the other users below, some male voice on the other side of the line had the nerve to call me at around midnight twice and say "I want you" the first time. I hung up. The character had the nerve to call a second time. I was pissed off as hell to be woken up in the middle of the night so I went and looked up some information on this prank caller. Turns out, the phone number is registered to German Lopez who uses Leap Wireless International in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.

    4. Moses says:

      this number is disconnected

    5. Abel says:

      Heavy accent, calling you baby and saying he's stuck in Nigeria and needs 25k to get out, also uses a number 011 234 8161118884 and texts non stop.

    6. Joel says:

      This number 312-727-9472, call me twice. I call back the same number and said this not exist. So, I found this number is from Chicago, Illinois. I call the telephone company to block this number.

    7. Dillon says:

      this person called me and ask if they can put 42 toes in my goats ear

    8. Antonia says:

      Telemarking. About some sweetstate

    9. Maurice says:

      Send me some comments on how authentic. This proposal is for a free 500$ credit

    10. Joesph says:

      Yes Lion Finance.  The lady called me and asked me to pay the loan interest which I paid off 3 years ago.  She told me if I pay her now then she will give me discount today.  Instead of 10,000 dollars I need to pay, she offered for few hundred dollars.  How dodgy is that?

    11. Buster says:

      Pallisades Collection10/17/2012

    12. Ollie says:

      Called this afternoon, left no VM just hung up.

    13. Jefferson says:

      They call and say nothing and they just hang yp

    14. Russ says:

      They are spam . Don't answer pick up and hang up. Crazy , don't they have better things to do.

    15. Noble says:

      I have a small engine shop and I received two phone calls for ngk and champion spark plugs through the at&t operator also. They asked if i had 4 different sparkplugs and they all cross referenced to a champion spark plug #RC12YC. They asked how many I had and They wanted all that i had on stock. The total cost was over 4 thousand dollars. They then asked how much extra it would cost for over night shipping. Who the hell needs hundreds of spark plugs shipped the next day. I then said to the operator that this sounds like a scam and she agreed.First person was "Mark" second caller was "Victor". It took up alot of my time.