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    1. Eloy says:

      Got a text stating my name and the following: "Not sure if you or anyone you know still smokes. But smoke8 dot com is giving away free e-cig trials. Johnny." This number sends spam.

    2. Cody says:

      It's a massage school that won't stop calling

    3. Federico says:

      Robocall selling medication

    4. Denis says:

      I get this text every week or so from a junk yard wanting to buy junk cars an its annoying I don't sell cars even my friends get this text in the miami,fl area

    5. Harlan says:

      I assume your cell phone was called too?  It's pretty bad when they start calling cell phones for telemarketing purposes!  I hope this number gets reported.

    6. Clifton says:

      i called back & it said the reason for the call is they want me to allow them to put a home security sign in my yard & I get free home security system installed. if you ask me ,hook up a security system only to be the ones to rob you blind when you're not home

    7. Elliott says:

      Called to ask for donation for the upcoming school foundation of my 2 youngsters.

    8. Isidro says:

      From Nov.18,2011 to Dec.9,2011 we have been called from this # 20 times. They called this am @ 8:10. I let the call go to my answering machine and they never leave a message. This is very annoying. We are retired and don't need to be harassed by anyone and we don't owe any debts to anyone. Does anyone know how we can get this stopped?

    9. Reed says:

      Trying to get money from me

    10. Carson says:

      3 calls this week from this number to my cell

    11. Antwan says:

      No call or text good bye thank you......

    12. Lucas says:

      got a call from this phone number 210-249-8807 the woman with a philipino accent said her name was "Ruby" and she claimed to be calling from the State Development office and said that our local chamber of commerce reported that our office was moving.   She just wanted to know if we were at a certain listed address.

    13. Henry says:

      credit card phishing scam

    14. Ali says:

      Bahamas cruise recorded message

    15. Jacinto says:

      They call ask your name then hang up. Had the same kind of call form another number reported in a different part of the country with exact same mo. Number 1-623-277-5159. Neither when you call back will indicate there is a phone there. The above number indicates that it is a cab company. Further research indicates it is a home that is 2.5 person home that is up for sale. No business can be seen on google maps so it is a scam or an information gathering company of some sort. They seem to be very inept and quite stupid.