203-461 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 203-461-8897
  • 203-461-8898
  • 203-461-8899
  • 203-461-8900
  • 203-461-8901
  • 203-461-8902
  • 203-461-8903
  • 203-461-8904
  • 203-461-8905
  • 203-461-8906
  • 203-461-8907
  • 203-461-8908
  • 203-461-8909
  • 203-461-8910
  • 203-461-8911
  • 203-461-8912
  • 203-461-8913
  • 203-461-8914
  • 203-461-8915
  • 203-461-8916
  • 203-461-8917
  • 203-461-8918
  • 203-461-8919
  • 203-461-8920
  • 203-461-8921
  • 203-461-8922
  • 203-461-8923
  • 203-461-8924
  • 203-461-8925
  • 203-461-8926
  • 203-461-8927

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    1. Cordell says:

      Sell your junk cars. Make cash

    2. Aaron says:

      rec'd call from CASON 3x no message. when call back it states it can't complete call with number used

    3. Amado says:

      Bill Collector for a Sharon Morris. Must be a previous owner of this number . Have told them about 10 times that they have the wrong number and no one by that name lives here.

    4. Roderick says:

      They said nothing but beep noise

    5. Dane says:

      Got a call tonight from 140-747-8000 they said I won a trip, I asked to have my number removed from the list and they hung up on me before I could even finish, I would love to have a contact # for them.

    6. Vaughn says:

      Harrasing me, don't know who is.

    7. Roland says:

      Sent me a SMS message won a free trip then called me a lot of times

    8. Abel says:

      Craig is my landlord... yea he works for Wivern Capital

    9. Jamie says:

      Another "lower your credit card rate" spam. As soon as you block their area code they switch to a different number. I have 23 area codes blocked and the list keeps growing. Do-not-call list is a joke. Ever hear of anyone being prosecuted for spam calls?

    10. Malcom says:

      They call all the time and always put me on hold

    11. Morris says:

      Said they were from GE (General Electric) - calling about home alarm system.

    12. Abe says:

      number 248-398-0249 called me 6 times in a row, right after the other. I did not answer as I do not know the number. No voicemail left. Tried calling back, said it was a disconnected number.

    13. Phil says:

      Left message stating that they were suspending my driver license due to bank fraud.

    14. Cyrus says:

      have asked to be taken off dncl on 9-9-13

    15. Hassan says:

      I'm on the do not call list and just got a call from that number. Don not call doesn't always work. I ignored it and the didn't leave a message. My dad got one last night on his cell the 3rd one yesterday. He answered it and they started in about a credit card, luckily he handed it to me and I let them have it. Talked to him today and they have not called back. He said the first two times they called yesterday he told them he could not understand them and hung up.  Come people, what has the world come too!!