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    1. Benedict says:

      Calls from this number continue multiple times a day, each and every day. As soon as you pick up the phone, they disconnect. If you reverse call, you have two options. 1) speak to a customer service rep (no pickup, just elevator music); 2) option to remove from do not call list -- WARNING: If you select this option and enter your phone number, the frequency of annoying phone calls will INCREASE! Please complain to the FCC for the telephone companies are useless. The solution by the telephone companies is to charge you $5.50 a month to block the call.

    2. Rickey says:

      I got daily calls from this number 1401350001

    3. Leif says:

      Prepaid Wal-Mart gift card.

    4. Arlie says:

      Collection Agency. Very rude people...

    5. Darrin says:

      I received a call from the 209-396-6904 number.  Funny that the number is not attached to a legitimate business.  Not only did they call me but my workplace as well.  I have had this happen before.  Be on the lookout for Nigerian scams and a minister who claims to be associated with Amrit Academy.

    6. Maxwell says:

      Missed the call (Thank Goodness)... They left no message. So I looked up the number, because I did not recognize Area Code or number, and found this info page. Apparently it a sales line.

    7. Van says:

      Tate & KirlinCollectors - nasty people.Attempting to collect on old Washington Mutual accounts.

    8. Rodney says:

      Received call from this number on my cell phone. Spoke to a representative who refused to tell me the name of their company or what credit card company they represent. The representative became belligerent when I asked how they got my number. I reported the call to www.donotcall.gov. My cell and home phone are on the do not call registry.IMPORTANT - ANYONE RECEIVING THIS PHONE CALL NEEDS TO REPORT THEM TO WWW.DONOTCALL.GOV.The more complaints, the earlier law enforcement can shut them down.

    9. Elden says:

      prerecorded message. i hung up.

    10. Warren says:

      We are getting several calls each day from this number but no one will answer when we pick up...So annoying!

    11. Derek says:

      Calls and never leaves a message

    12. Lance says:

      8:30 p.m. call, no response upon answering phone

    13. Cameron says:

      Strange text asking, "How long have you had this number"

    14. Ashley says:

      I recieve calls from this number several times a day on my home phone and cellular phones, in addition to letters from them via USPS.  I have requested proof of claim via USPS ceritfied mail 4 times and they continue to ignore the Fair Debt Collection laws. I have now filed a report with the US Postal Service Fraud Division, US Inspector General's Office and the Texas Attorney General.  I  have had enough of their b***s***!!!!!  There are laws to protect consumers from harrassment, and I WILL use them.....

    15. Elliot says:

      Do not know , they never leave a message