203-335 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 203-335-0279
  • 203-335-0280
  • 203-335-0281
  • 203-335-0282
  • 203-335-0283
  • 203-335-0284
  • 203-335-0285
  • 203-335-0286
  • 203-335-0287
  • 203-335-0288
  • 203-335-0289
  • 203-335-0290
  • 203-335-0291
  • 203-335-0292
  • 203-335-0293
  • 203-335-0294
  • 203-335-0295
  • 203-335-0296
  • 203-335-0297
  • 203-335-0298
  • 203-335-0299
  • 203-335-0300
  • 203-335-0301
  • 203-335-0302
  • 203-335-0303
  • 203-335-0304
  • 203-335-0305
  • 203-335-0306
  • 203-335-0307
  • 203-335-0308
  • 203-335-0309

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    1. Simon says:

      Call place looking for a friend of mine

    2. Sanford says:

      calling for somebody else

    3. Cyril says:

      SCAM - John D. O'Brian senior, calling to schedule immediate process of service, but states I have a right to have an attorney present. For service? I am no idiot, moron!

    4. Wally says:

      called today and left message that was very broken up but I caught words about "your final notice". Interesting is that I received a call from another 204 # that was a collection agency that when I dug a bit deeper the guy says they have a file they just received from Telus saying I owed them $1137.00. I called Telus and the account # the guy gave me was bogus and they checked all of their different departments and I don't owe them anything...

    5. Billy says:

      my husband received a pix msg in his email from this number. it was titled "layin here waitin on u baby" and showed a photo of a woman with her breast exposed and a tattoo of what i belive was a lightning bolt. Apparently she looked his number up on facebook? NOT COOL, BEYOTCH!

    6. Jay says:

      "They" said time sensitive saying my attorney or I need to call them. Didn't identify themselves & had very strong accent nearly unable to identify.

    7. Jules says:

      Caller ID "XXXXXXXXXX   NY" - yet another phony number used by an Israeli telemarketing company pretending to represent a charity.

    8. Bob says:


    9. Phil says:

      I received the same charge two months in a row.  I thought at first that maybe my parent plus loan amount changed until I saw the second month's charge.  I called the number since I had put the grant information in my son's name they refused to talk to me even though they were charging my debit card.  I had my son call on 9/11 and he told them to refund the money.  They said a credit would be put through in a few days no longer than five days.  I has been ten days and no credit showing up on my card.  These people need to be reported.  I thougtht I signed up for a free search for grants.  My son is already attending a school with a scholarship.  Why would I pay $79 for this service.  Has anyone reported them to the BBB?

    10. Darell says:

      Claimed to be representing Discover Card

    11. Homer says:

      Propaganda site trying to scare you

    12. Mohammad says:

      got a call from this number, left message that we are eligible for a reduced interest rate and that we should press 1 to speak to a "live" operator or press 3 to discontinue further calls.  did not press any numbers.

    13. Jimmie says:

      They keep calling and trying to sell stuff

    14. Royce says:

      This is not from a phone.  It is not from a company.  It is only happening to people on Verizon because it is a glitch between their system and your account.  You need to call Verizon and tell them that you saw this on a website and would like to be transferred to a Level 2 technician.  The first tier have no idea what OZMAIL is.  Level 2 has been trained differently.  I told him I had responded "stop" to the texts and it did not work.  He had to go into their system and clear something from their system.

    15. Russ says:

      I don't like these weird phone numbers that call and play tricky games with my phone.