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    1. Preston says:

      They call,  hang up,call, hang up today, I had 4 hang ups on my caller ID from this number within 4 minutes, they call during the day when no one is home,                                              

    2. Sean says:

      They robo call even if you opt out. Don't press any number. They know its a live number now and they sell your "real" number. What ever happened to the donotcall list? Isn't it inforced?

    3. Norberto says:

      called 4 nights in a row. first three nights no one on the other line. Tonight someone finally came on the other line and said they were from AT&T. They actually asked if I was happy with AT&T at which I gave them an earful about their telemarketing tactics. They hung up on me. Great Customer Service.

    4. Wilford says:

      this # belongs to phsyco dyke lookn hoe that talks like a sailor.drinks like a fish & sucks a testicle like a tenticle I hate ignorant idiots.

    5. Brian says:

      Some guy I think his name was Brandon asked me if I was Leslie. I told him no. He asked if he had the wrong number, I so no. I asked him the nature of the call and he said he had to talk with Leslie and again I asked him the nature of his business. Then he asked me if I had eaten breakfast and that I needed to chill out. I told him he needed to chill out and he said, "No No No" and that he needed to talk with Leslie. That is when I hung up on him. He wanted to talk with my wife so I had every right to ask him what the phone call was about. I have never experienced such rudeness from a so called professional before!! I wish I could speak to his manager or someone and get him fired for his rudeness and that is being kind to him. I should not have let him get to me but it did.

    6. Noah says:

      This number belongs to a "Focus Management," which claims to be looking to collect a bad debt from a "Dave Doral." They have called my home repeatedly over three different periods in the last year, when I finally return their call and explain there is no "Dave Doral," they say they'll remove me, but always seem to call back. I'm calling the Georgia State Attorney General to get action on these b****eads. I suspect they are fishing for active phone numbers, and are not actually a collections agency.

    7. Rogelio says:

      sais go to smoke8.com is giving away free ecig trials signed -johnny!!!!

    8. Johnnie says:

      its just someone who is involved in ipod theft

    9. Ahmad says:

      I continue to get a call from this number and when I answer nobody speaks and when I don't answer they don't leave a message. This has been happening for several weeks now on average 4-5 times a week.

    10. Roman says:

      So far I received one text message from this number. I do not know where they got my number from. I suspect an app I have installed may have shared my information with a third-party company. The text of the message I received is as follows:"by SMSCaster.com: Make commission + residual income by referring coffee, tea, or hot chocolate consumers. For more information call: (305) 747-8875"

    11. Basil says:

      I work for a Classified ad department for a major newspaper. We've been trying to help catch scam ads for awhile, and I hoped to help out by posting here when phone numbers cam in for illegitimate ads. This phone number came in for both a Dog ad, and an Employment ad. Please be careful, scams are very hard to catch, and even harder to keep out of the paper.

    12. Cruz says:

      Leave me alone for good not jus for awhile...

    13. Garret says:

      Can win a iPhone Winner of a iPhone

    14. Antonia says:

      My daughter also has had this number on her bill for a couple of months now.  it is ususal early in the morning or late at night.  I questioned her on it thinking maybe she got a number out of a magazine.   She total denied knowing this number.  I have to believe there is more to this number then we our being told.  It sounds like it is trigging teens.  This is a scary.   Anymore info would be great.  I have a police friend looking into it also.  maybe he can come up with something.  I will post if he has any info.

    15. Dana says:

      This guys a pervert,Texts obscene pictures