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    1. Aldo says:

      Need money now we can get it for u

    2. Clayton says:

      They told me my name and address and then asked me for my insurance information so they could have my medication delivered to my house. It could be a scary situation for some people if you really think about it. I hope someone finds out who is doing this to stop it. I'm an older women on disablity, I can't afford my med's now.

    3. Billy says:

      Please do not send them to my voicemail just hang up on them I'm tired of this number calling me

    4. Rodrigo says:

      I forgot to mention the phone number was 1 727 000 5674

    5. Damon says:

      caller id: unknown name. answered phone; a man who said he was fund-raising for the Missouri State Troopers Association. I had previously checked on this organization and found it to be highly suspect. I told him to never call again and hung up on him.

    6. Linwood says:

      Add this number to the list of Middle Eastern people trying to scam you out of money. Today it was Stacy Brown. Really, Stacy Brown, she could barely speak English. She went through the usual routine of court appearances and arrests, which could all be stopped if I made restitution today. I just started laughing, Stacy got abusive. Imagine that, a professional cussing me out like a truck driver. I've been calling Stacy back quite regularly and hanging up. Poor Stacy is very unhappy. When will these stop

    7. Gabriel says:

      I just got a call from this number today yesterday. I unsubscribed and they still call me!

    8. Norberto says:

      Have the same deal going on in SD.  He is selling a HD Fatboy Softail for $4,300.  Same cancer story and everything.  Says he is from Paris MO.

    9. Frank says:

      The text said hey havent heard from you in a while, if you want to know who this is add my yahoo. Txtiechick061

    10. Evan says:

      You hear the horn of a cruise boat and it has do to with me apparently winning a cruise. I'm in Canada and this is in the US... clearly waste of my time and theirs (they likely make money one way or another when a call is answered).

    11. Marcel says:

      Left message on answering machine, identifying herself as "Cindy" at Patient Services. Gave reference # to use when returning call. Message was for person not at the number dialed. I returned call after 6pm to inform that person wanted is not at the number dialed. Number was answered as "offices of patient services"--no other information. Left message to remove number from their file.

    12. Herschel says:

      spammers won't stop calling

    13. Harley says:

      Said Called looking for a relative of mine. Sounded fishy. Said nope didnt know em.

    14. Broderick says:

      Spanish recording. Best I can tell it sounded like they were trying to sell vacations. Blocked now so call away and enjoy the sound of a dialtone lol.

    15. Weston says:

      I didn't call back because I obviously don't have a card number starting with what they say nor that many digits. silly scammers...