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    1. Vince says:

      Yes i got a call.. when u call back the number is stored in a database. Can speak with anyone.

    2. Gerardo says:

      They did not want to tell me who they were. They wanted me to give them my personal information and in return I was going to win a prize. SPAM, SPAM, SPAM!!!!

    3. Spencer says:

      Calls at the same time every day. When I answer they hang up.

    4. Vincenzo says:

      jacob longshaw is his name he has threaten to kill me and come to my job and beat me to sleep

    5. Robbie says:

      OUT OF AREA caller id call from this number that doesn't leave a message or answer. I just file a FTC DNC complaint on every call like this one.

    6. Jimmie says:

      Called Sunday night. Did not answer. No vm. Don't know anyone from AL.

    7. Theo says:

      They are a Venture data group out of Utah and feel that they have the right to call anyone as many times as they want and say they are not harassing you because they are allowed to make calls. They have called us 4 nights in a row at the same time. Go to VENTUREDATA.COM and you can get a number that someone will answer and tell them you want to be removed from there list.

    8. Rene says:

      called said I won 25,000 on a vacation wanted to know if I owned or rented my house

    9. Hunter says:

      Called twice within 20 minutes, did not leave message.  Called back and got recording.  Merchant Credit Card Processing

    10. Oren says:

      Unsolicited spam ad for viploan.org

    11. Owen says:

      Got a call for my ex-husband. i'm remarried living in a different state. I have no contact with my ex and have no idea how they got my home phone number as it's unlisted and unpublished.

    12. Sonny says:

      Advertisement. Bad enough having to here this stuff on TV.

    13. Antione says:

      They pretended to be crime investigation officers and was asking for my social and bank information ....... Don't get scammed!!

    14. Laurence says:

      This person identifies him self as a doctor.i have received63 calls from this number in the last3 days i gave tried to block with Mr number but it isn't working

    15. Dennis says:

      Hi!i would like to purchase a coulpe of items you have posted. How do I purchase? Also, josie maran argan oil (small) do you have 1 or 2 available?Thanks