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    1. Michel says:

      Didn't speak when I answered!

    2. Damian says:

      Recorded message from "your credit card company". The message said there was not a problem and to push a number to lower my interest rate. I don't use credit cards!

    3. Randall says:

      Same thing as Brad Pitt, got a call from Eva Jones, gave me the same number to call back because I would not give my SIN#,  I did not even call and did not pick up the phone when she called back.  She came in as the floor supervisor for another dude that I had trouble understanding.  She called back once as name unknown, number 129-012-3456, called back right away as name unknown and number unknown.

    4. Levi says:

      I also got a call from this # and when I called it back it was busy.  I called it in the evening it just rang and rang.

    5. Doyle says:

      Just got off the phone with someone from this number. This is  the old "Windows security department" call where they tell you that your computer is sending out messages to Microsoft's security department about some security issue. Uh huh. Ya sure. I usually play along with them and waste their time for a bit, pretending to go to my computer and look stuff up for them. I am tired today so I just said, really? My computer sent you a security warning!? When he said yes, in a heavy Indian accent, I said I only have an iPad. He shut up quick and said goodbye. It just makes me sad that somewhere, someone is going to fall for these guys.

    6. Luke says:

      They told me very quickly who they were so that I didn't catch it, then talked about the online survey I filld out, which I hadn't. I asked them which survey, at whichhih point theyy saidd, "sorry we couldn't help you," and hung up.

    7. Numbers says:

      I contacted the company t moble that this cell phone belongs to and was told they can not do anything to stop their customer from harrassing people,I am informing people that you can contact the attorney general where you live and report this number and what they are doing,

    8. Isreal says:

      This number keep harrassing me

    9. Glen says:

      don't know who is calling and don't know anyone with a telephone numbers like this one

    10. Richie says:

      Call with silent 1 second voicemail left at 10:00 am.

    11. Ken says:

      Got a call from this number today and they say that my google listing needs to be updated. They are nothing but a bunch of "Dirt Bags" trying to get money from vulnerable people. They make you want to think they are the solution to your great appearance on Google. Tell them to go take a hike or perhaps drop dead. These lowlifes need to find a real job !

    12. Mikel says:

      I was quite pleased with Americas Moving Machines actually. I think if you're in Mercer Island, WA and need a moving company - they're the people you need.

    13. Luke says:

      My number is 314-608-3633 This chick named CARABOO is a deranged chick that I met on a online dating site.  She actually gave me her address cuz i was gonna pick her up for a date.  But I changed my mind, when I showed up at her house, her 17 year old son answered and opened door,  the house seemed like a dope house to me so I immediately changed my mind & left. So I rejected her for that & now CARABOO is making up lies. Ive had this number for 8 years never had any issues with woman.

    14. Grover says:

      Got one call last night at 5:15 and one at 9:16, 10:16, and 11:29 today. I am guessing I will get another around 12:30... I didn't answer but I suspect it is spam. They left no message.

    15. Darryl says:

      Rcvd a text from "Chris" from New York. He was fine with all info about my post on craigslist. Wants to send a cashiers check from a local bank and arrange for pickup. Sounds like a scam. You can tell the text was a pre-typed text.