Reasons Why Companies Reject Job Applications with Criminal Records

There are different reasons why most companies don’t hire people with criminal records. This is usually the problem of some people who are job hunting because even the minor offenses like traffic violations are being used to reject their job application. This kind of problem has been dealt already because the law states that companies that are hiring new employees should not discriminate people with criminal records. However, this is still an important issue and they still have the authority to reject your application if they think that you are not fitted for the job.
Here are some of the reasons why many companies reject people with criminal records.

It May Affect the Reputation of their Company

The reputation of the company is very important and this is one of the reasons why they are rejecting people with criminal records, especially when the records are severe. It is the right of the company to reject a job application if they think that their reputation will be affected. If the job applicant has serious criminal charges, there is a big possibility that they will not be accepted because the company will be known to provide jobs for people who are previously convicted with crimes.

Some people may think that they are good to do this kind of thing, but for the standpoint of other people, this is not an advisable thing to do.

Work Performance Issues

Basically, if someone is applying as a driver, do you really think that people who are convicted with DUI can do the work properly? If you are looking for a treasurer, do you actually think that people with cases of theft can help manage your money wisely? Under these situations, companies are allowed to refuse a job application because it will directly affect the work and operation of the company. If you think that your company’s performance will be affected by hiring that person, you are allowed to reject his application.

This is not a form of discrimination because your company’s work and operations will be your top priority.

Safety of your Employees

The safety of your employees will be your top concern because if you will try to hire some who is already convicted by serious criminal charges, there is a possibility that they will do the same thing to your employees. We are not judging anyone based on what they did in the past, but this is the sad reality. Companies and employers will not take a chance and hire someone with a criminal history even if they are really good. This is because of the safety of their employees.

As you can see, your criminal records will always be a big issue when it comes to job application. If you want to make sure that your records are always clean, you should check them on a regular basis because there are some instances where discrepancies may occur on your record. It means that there are times when criminal records are added even if you don’t really have any.

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